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What are Gel Breast Implants (Gummy Bear Implants)?

Gel Breast implants, also known as Gummy Bear implants are all the rage throughout the world, but are still awaiting FDA approval in the United States. These specialized implants are made of a unique kind of silicone gel that has the consistency of a gummy bear. They hold their shape particularly well in comparison with regular silicone and saline implants and are especially appropriate for correcting breast tissue flaws or problems.

Gummy Bear Breast Implant Basics

Gel implants are developed into a tear-drop shape that mimics the natural curve of the breast. They are positioned inside the breast to stay put, rather than shifting as regular silicone and saline breast implants do. The strong but flexible silicone material is said to resist leaking better than regular silicone implants.
Gummy Bear implants are not filled with a liquid as other implants are. The gel is a little bit like a solid and little bit like a liquid. It is soft and pliable and yet strong, changing its shape only temporarily, much like real breast tissue. Gel implants require a larger incision in order to insert them into their correct position because they maintain their shape so well. That means that women getting Gummy Bear implants will require a longer recovery period.

Gummy Bear implants are not supposed to shift once they are put in place. If shifting does occur, they must be surgically repositioned. The tear-drop shape can easily be seen through the breast tissue if it is pointing in the wrong direction.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gel Breast Implants

One of the advantages of Gummy Bear implants is their strong aesthetic appeal. They look and feel like real breast tissue. They are also safer than traditional silicone implants, according to the plastic surgeons who use them. The risk of leakage is less than that of a regular silicone implant because the semi-solid material used in Gummy Bear implants resists rupturing or leaking. And finally, gel implants, because of their rigidity and the procedure used to place them in the breast tissue, are less likely to require future surgeries than other types of implants.

Gummy Bear implants are unfortunately more expensive than saline or regular silicone implants. Not only do the implants themselves cost more but the surgery is more invasive and takes longer to perform as well. The invasive aspects of the surgery involve a longer recovery time and a bit more pain for women who opt for this type of breast implant. Further, if the implant shifts out of place, surgery will be necessary to restore its proper position. It’s important to choose a surgeon skilled in working with Gummy Bear implants to make sure that the surgery is successful and the implant won’t move out of place. A secondary surgery can leave scars and involve pain and recovery time as well. Finally, although Gummy Bear implants are in use throughout the world, there is still some uncertainty about their safety.

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